Connecticut Style for 7-1-09
everybody. welcome to “connecticut style”. okay, you’re chasing after the kids, holding down a job, taking care of your husband, partner, parents, friend, yes, i know. how on earth do you have time to eat a healthy meal. here is a lady that is going to help us outside, chef lisa corrado. u sake you can be healthy. >> absolutely, quick and in the summer with the fresh fruit we have, very simple. >> we will do two summer desserts, fresh blueberries with a cold almond cream and fresh mint. >> sounds delicious. this can help fight the disease of diabetes and blood pressure and things like that. >> it can, if have a healthy diet, you’re on the way to preventing all those diseases. >> we will talk more with lisa in a little while but right now it is time to check in with sonia. >> it is july, and if you haven’t decided how to celebrate, it is westfield wednesday. they have ideas how to have a



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