Connecticut Style for 6-30-09
with intrigue and “the new york times” best-seller carla neggers is here to tell us about her latest offering, “the mist”. and if you like meat and potatoes, you’ve come to the right place, chef balu is here from thali too. and thali was voted the best indian restaurant in connecticut. >> that’s correct, by connecticut magazine. >> that is a nice honor. >> for 2009. >> what been thali too? >> thali too is rated as number one vegetarian restaurant for the state again in 2009 into 2010. >> what are we making today? >> we’re making rice puffs. they’re seasoned and we have freshly chopped cilantro, tomatoes, purple onions with mint and and cilantro chutney. >> and this drink is popular. >> it is popular awrong the country, a sweet yogurt with mango. >> we’ll be drinking to that, but let’s check in. >> it is time to dance or go home. listen, dance or go home is a wonderful program that not on



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