Connecticut Style for 6-24-09
to stamp out hunger right here in connecticut, and we’ll talk to one big business that is going a long way to giving back. and plus, it is a westfield wednesday and rachael is back with more on a program that will save you real money. >> i’m getting a lesson in traditional italian fod. i’m here with teresa and chris. thank you for being with us today. they will tell us about the upcoming italian festival in new haven and what we will find there. >> today we will make tried calamari, one of the things we’ve been making at the festival for many years and it is a personal favorite of mine. >> okay, we’ll do that in a little bit. sit back and relax, you’re having lunch with “style.” >> well, it is a westfield wednesday, sara. >> yes, it is. >> there is no easy way to put it new york, no sugar coating it, in this economy, everyone is loking to save money. >> and westfield mall is helping fami



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