Connecticut Style for 6-18-09
and tell us how to pick the best option for your home. and the guys from slider’s sports grill and bar are here with a challenge. it is a four-pound burger. if you eat the whole thing, it is free. you’re not planning on putting me up to this challenge, right? >> no, we’ll take easy on. >> thank you, i appreciate that. but you build it on the bamboo skewer. >> it is necessary to keep it — >> that is how serious it is. has anyone do it? >> four people have done to so far. >> and had it been a veggie burger, i know someone able to tackle this chalenge. >> i would be al over this that burger, absolutely. we will have sonia taste that. and we will be siting down with devon fleming, the author of “the best of devon fleming’s pink book”, a guide to the hottest businesses in southern connecticut. oh, yeah. lots of fun there. it is really a must-have book for anyone looking to entertain. she is



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