Connecticut Style for 6-17-09
again, to “connecticut style”. we’ve got a lot lined up today. we have a woman who wrote a new book about post-partum psychosis and how it can affect new moms. also, it is a westfield wednesday, we have ideas for gifts for grads that won’t break the bank. butirstlet’s check in on more good stuff. >> i’m here with judy and patricia, both ladies in the community dining rom. welcome to the show. good to have you. fill our viewers in on the community dining rom, what you are all about. >> we’re about providing nutritional food for those in need in the shoreline. >> tell us the situation you find folks in that come to you. >> some are working two and three jobs and struggling to make ends met. others have their hours cut or lost their jobs recently so people are working very hard but having a dificult time getting it all put together. >> and that is why you’re there. how many meals do you ser



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