Connecticut Style for 6-12-09
lok at the life of the girl next door, doris day. author pierre patrick is here to tell us abot his new bok. and the elm city with the international festival of arts and ideas. and how about dinner on the wat they are wekend? nellie gren restaurant is the perfect place. what are you working on? what are we making today in. >> we will make a scallop. >> we will get to all that but there is a great legend associate with the real nellie green, an interesting story behind her. >> she was quite a lady ahead of her time and we will talk more about her later. >> first, tell mike at home what they should do. >> sit back and relax, you’re having lunch with “style.” >> it’s the annual celebration for world renowned dancers, musicians and production artists, the international festival of arts and ideas is back and they have events you will want to bring the whole family to. the executive directer i



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