Connecticut Style for 6-11-09
around the state. commission on culture and tourism will tell us about the upcoming historic garden day. >> also branford high students are learning their way around the kitchen and they’re here to teach us a thing or two. >> if you ever planning on entertaining this sumer, devon fleming is back to show us how to do it right. welcome back. >> thank you for having me. >> you brought beautiful stuff today. >> a great time of year to entertain. top four entertaining resources to you all in my new book launched this week. >> it just came out this week. we will look at that and look at what she brought today. we will top with pop star jo jo about her new album. >> sit back and relax. you’re having lunch with “style.” >> whether graduation parties, bridal showers, or the celebration of summer, it is the season for entertaining. and life-style expert devon fleming. beautiful stuff today. you ar



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