Connecticut Style for 6-20-09
off. today we bring you the interview with domestic diva martha stewart. and cosmetic surgeon dr. langdon will be here, and a puppet show that has taken broadway by storm, but this show is for mature audiences only. we will sit down with a star of the show. we are here with susan and tracy from dockside seafood & grill. what are we making today? >> the lobster pot pie. >> you are the new owners of dockside. >> on monday night we had a gran oning party, and we took over about a month ago. we are ready for a great season. >> sit back and relax everybody. you’re having lunch with “style.” >>> the effects of aging on the face are unmistakable, and many people choose cosmetic surgery. one procedure is an eye lift. here to explain that procedure and its benefits dr. robert langdon is back. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> people as they get older complain about the



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