Connecticut Style for 6-8-09
garden party or maybe attending a summer wedding, there is definitely something here for you. these are the look of couture designer caryna nina. you will want to check these out, they are gorgeous. also, keeping your children safe around the water. it is a program you can start when they are just babies. we will talk to an enfact resource instruck their explain. and we’re joined by francesco and valentino from adriana’s restaurant and wine bar. thank you for being here today. what are we going to make today. >> cured salmon. >> this is an appetizer. you say it is almost like italian sushi, right? what are we taking at the entree in. >> he made pasta. we start making it now that we reopened, 12, 15 different pastas. >> home made. >> home made pasta, that is a good variety system this one of the favorites at the restaurant? >> yes, a light, summer dish. >> everybody, sit back and relax. y



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