Connecticut Style for 6-5-09
the kitchen with dave from bruegger’s. welcome back. your second time is the charm. >> hey, what’s going on. >> let’s talk about what we’re making. it is okay i’m linking up with you. >> you’re not going to pick me up. >> no, sonia is too far away. tell me what we’re making today? >> the sesame chicken salad and roma roast beef, and i brought a catering tray to showcase what we’re doing for catering. >> and there is a variety of different sandwiches. and on thursday, you have recession buster day. >> because of the economy we wanted to give back to the people, $5.99 a dozen. usually it is $7.9. you won’t find a better deal. >> that sounds really god, really nice, i think i will bring nia on recession day. i like that god deal. we will go and check in with sonia system that all right? >> yes. >> take it away. >> and robbin seipold is here with a number of suggestions in her scoop report,



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