Connecticut Style for 6-3-09
pizza fest happening later this month. you are from marco polo. you are showing us the secret to making the perfect dough. how do you do it? >> do it like that, to make the crust, everywhere — >> you spread it out in the center and spin it around, right? >> move right here, so now it is like equal everywhere. >> and it is ready to flip. is that all just for show or do you really flip it? >> sometimes i do. >> you are going to do it now. show us how it is done. >> like that. >> you pass it — >> do it one more time, because i’m going to try. >> actually i can’t do it one more time — all right. >> can i try it or no? you >> you can do it if you want. >> get ready to catch, des. >> go sonia. >> that is my technique. des, over to you. >> oh, okay. hey, listen. we’re also talking about the benefits of botox. on a serious note, the vein centers of connecticut will be here answering a lot of



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