Connecticut Style for 6-2-09
we continue our look at some of connecticut’s great escaped, with a look at old lyme. commission on culture and tourism is here, and they will tell us why this historic town could be a favorite get away. >> tips on keeping your kids e entertained, we have some of thostoday asell. >> do you remember school lunches? one connecticut school is shaking up the idea of traditional cafeteria lunch, and chef peter gorman from the unquowa school is here. >> thank you. >> we are cutting up rhubarb, vinaigrette — >> lots of good stuff with the apples and honey comb. >> you have your own garden at the school. we will be joined by a student from the unquowa school as well. sit back and relax. you’re having lunch with “style.” >>> hi everybody. listen, whether you are planning a day outing or weekend get away, plenty of places right here in our own back yard to enjoy. today we focus on historic old ly



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