Connecticut Style for 6-1-09
helping children in our state. we will also meet a woman who lost more than 100-pounds and she says it was an airplane ride that changed her life. she has quite a story to tell and she is going 20 talk to us. desiree is off today but sara is pinch hitting. welcome. >> thank you for having me here. i’m here with kevin flannigan, welcome. what are you whip be you will today. >> a light, vibrant lobster spaghetti, people think you sent hours on it but it is a very simple, fresh dish. >> thank you. sit back and relax. you’re having lunch with style. >> improving the lives of connecticut children for over 40 years, that is the roll of nutmeg big brothers, big sisters, and now you can help them out simply by enjoying a day on the links. here is darlene roberts. thank you for joing us. begin by telling us a little bit about big brothers, big sisters. >> it is an organization that provides adult



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