Connecticut Style for 5-28-09
to hear what the folks at valley lighting and home decor have to say. by going green, you can reduce your ligting bill significantly not to mention helping the environment. >> plus fuzion medical aesthetic boutique is answering all of questions about smart liposuction. >> a sneak peek at what it takes to make me a soap star. it wasn’t easy. >> we’re in the kitchen with chef leticia moreinos. welcome to the show. >> today we are making a cheese bread. typical and classic from brazil. >> what is it called in brazil? >> i wil practice that. in the meantime, sit back and relax, you are having lunch with “style.” >>> are you trying to go green but need a few helpful hints? how about changing your lighting. regular light bulbs use 95% of their energy generating heat and only 5% generating light. and today, there are much more efficient ways for you to light your home. here to fill us in on all



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