Connecticut Style for 5-21-09
the north american family institute will be here to tell us what they look for in foster families… and we are also delving into your private life… has the recession hit the bedroom… your personal private life. has the recession hit the bedroom? dr. jennifer wider is here to discuss the sexual recession. we’re checking in with sonia. >> i’m here with food writer david leite, leite culinaria, and you will find great recipes. what are you making? >> the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. >> ultimate chocolate chip cookie. >> and you say — you have coined this the chocolate chip cookie heard around the internet. >> it is everywhere. >> six months of research went into making this cookie. >> absolutely. >> >> check this thing out. des cannot wait to sink her teeth into this. sit back and relax. you’re having lunch with “style.” >>> with the downturn in the economy, everyone is under a lot



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