>> and people love her. and that’s what people can expe ct at the palace. those are the types of slows that we bring in, those kind of icon i know, one of a kind, you to have carol bur nette and patti labelle closing out the season, it’s amazi ng. we have a special dinner on patti labelle night. >> tell me about that. >> so, people, when they call the box office to order their tick ets, they can ask about managed so that you can ente rtain yourself t show lined up. >> it is, and kudos to, you know , our staff, our coo, jennif er, who really is, is the, the — >> one of the driving forces th ere? >> yeah. we look for the top quality pr ogramming, programming that wo uld fit. we have 2600 seats, fantastic ve nue, but it’s a great way to sh owcase icons like that, so for us i t’s realy important to get that level, and a gre at way to end the season. >> right. 50th anniversary, that’s major.



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