Connecticut Style 5-13-09
for you today… we’ll talk about how you can get the results of a face lift with just a minimal you can get the results of a facelift with just minimal procedures. >> also in the kitchen with patti sinclair and lassie sullivan, sharing more meals, memories and messages. ladies, welcome to the show. >> thanks for having us. > let’s talk about this. today we will make a favorite dish of one of our fallen soldiers, first one to pas away in afghanistan. >> sergeant ben gillman. you… how did this recipe play a part in her healing process… we’ll be trying coming up…right now lets check in with sonia… desiree, we are also gonna be talking about an upcoming event the you won’t want to miss… local talents will be performing all to help some local kids… and i’m here with ah… she’8 years old… leah, tell the folks out there what they should do… for local musicians >>> local musici



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