Connecticut Style for 5-8-09
“connecticut style.” we have a lot in store for you this friday. in the second part of our interview with charles s. dutton, he tells us how his troubled past inspired his career. don’t forget, mother’s day is sunday. billy dilegge from pasta cosi is here and he wil share a great recipe for mother’s day brunch. >> if you have tried your hand at aranging flowers and looking like a mess, petals 2 go is here and they wil show us how to make your flower arrangements look like a million bucks. it is dance party friday, members of the quinipiac ball room society are teaching us how to cha cha. sit back and relax you are dancing with “style.” >>> do you rember this? desiree and i faced off a few weeks ago in a flower aranging challenge. which one of us won is stil a debate. well in her book it is, in mine is not. for sure, we are amateurs. >> you are. >> how do you get that professional florist



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