Connecticut Style for 5-7-09
envy say a regular massage is an important part of a healthy life. sonia will put their talents to the test. >> plus we wil have the first part with our interview with charles s. dutton, yes, this award-winning actor is starring in “death of a salesman” right here in our elm city in new haven. right now we will check in with sonia, hanging out with our friends. >> isabel is here, jay is here. hope your’ ready for a treat. >> hello. >> the perfect ice cream float. >> something my daughter enjoys and in our family for many generations. >> what is your favorite flavor of the ice cream float? >> orange. >> orange, she said. we will make that. you have a lot of history. you have been around in the area for quite sometime. >> close to 90 years. >> we will be making today, too. sit back and relax. you’re having lunch with “style.” >> all right everybody. you my think that getting a massage is a



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