Connecticut Style for 5-6-09
store for you today. a local doctor tells us about the latest treatments available for those suffering from superficial venous disease. >> we’re focusing on mom today with great gift ideas from the westfield shopping center. we are in the kitchen with david from brueggers, welcome to the show, david. >> thank you. >> welcome to the show, david. >> hi. >> are you excited? >> yes, yes. >> he is a little nervous. we will ease him up a little bit. what you are making today. >> a man dar salad. >> what did you leave out of the salad for me? >> chicken. >> one other item. >> this is our most pop u lar sandwich, herby turkey. >> okay. >> it has a sun dried tomato paste, green cheese, red onions, lettuce, probably our most popular sandwich. >> sounds good. stay by my side here. grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax. you know what time it is. it is time to have lunch with get internet at home



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