Connecticut Style for 4-30-09
that milford has to offer, like these beautiful jewelry pieces from hebert jewelers, and with me today is louise hebert. happy to have you here. >> thank you. >> you are going to tell us about troll beads today. >> this silver one — silver ones have lots of different meanings to them and the color ones add sparkle. >> and you start with the bracelet, the clasp, and you add the beads. i’m making my own. and you picked out a “s” charm. let’s check in with desiree. >> i’m in here with meg from rainbow gardens. your place is on the green in milford. >> yes, ma’am, in the center of the green, across from the gazebo, victorian home and the beautiful bar and dining for plenty of people. >> tell us what we are going to make today. >> a refreshing >> i think — >> lavender crusted talapia. exciting things to do for summer. >> we will talk to the guys from milford photo as well. u don’t have to b



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