Connecticut Style for 4-29-09
every holiday, once a week? most of us do. i’m here with patti sinclair. recipes carry special memories for many us, but you say they can also carry special messages, is that true? >> when people come into my office for a reading, i love to cook, i was a caterer for years, a message from their loved one comes through to me for a specific meal. like we will do for your producer today that her grandmother liked to make, peach cobbler. >> you’re here with us with your sister, lassie, sharing meals, memories, messages with us later, including a recipe that is near and dear to our producer, kate’s, heart. we will have all of that coming up. >>> speaking with food, do you know where fruits and veggies come from, where they were grown? most of us done. that is one of the reasons that more and more people are choosing to grow their own. whether you have loads of favorites or growing herbs on the



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