Connecticut Style for 4-24-09
my doctor told me i had to start doing things for my heart, but i wasn’t ready to give up taste. sometimes, sacrifice is the name of the game. well, i’ve heard eating whole grain oats… can help lower my cholesterol. it’s going to be a challenge… sure we want to lower our cholesterol, but let’s be real, being healthy is tough. yea. honey nut cheerios cereal… tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. try apple cinnamon cheerios. baked in apple with… a daring amount of cinnamon. approximately 60 million people in the united states, here women are especially affected… for some, a trip to the gym and dieting simply won’t work…there are a number of procedures available to those who are battling their weight… this is an issue that affects so many we decided to bring in experts on weightloss to and share options and give us a look inside at what they do..



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