welcome to “connecticut style.” i’m desiree fontaine, another jam packed fun show for you. artist tony falcone has been telling stories through his murals and fine paintings for 35 years. today he shows us some of his treasured artwork. >> connecticut native, dr. lisa sanders, woman behind the popular program “house.” >> we’re excited to have you. valentine’s day mode. yes, we are. >> what are we going to learn to make today? >> a surf and turf, meal for two, very simple anyone can make. >> easy on o pockets. >> yes, few items, few steps, and a dinner for two. >> what are you teaching us today? >> sweetheart desst for two, chocolate cake and berries. >> that sounds delicious. >> trying to keep it simple, so that anybody can make this meal. >> that is why we want you here. i’m stepping out of the way. you are going to look in the camera. tell the folks at home what to do. >> sit back and



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