hi, everybody, iis monday, and we are kicking things off on a p.o. note here on “connecticut style.” we have a show lined up not just great for you but great information that will empower your kids, too. did you know that kids who participate in gardening programs see a 96% improvement in their attitudes towards our environment? that’s right. well, lands end is joining us today and they launched the way to go plant a seed and make a difference initiative. it’s a new program that’s connecting kids, parents, and schools for gardening, and also on the show, do you have a vision? are you someone who has a dream that you have not yet fulfilled? if the answer is yes, we have got someone he who will help you truly envision it. and if you’ve been watching style, you know we’re getting geared up to participate in fun girl’s night out. we’re chatting with the folks from rain wellness spa, great st



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