Connecticut Style for 4-16-09
i’m joined by gil simmons… gil and i are gonna show you the latest toys to get your kids activthisummer, right gil?that’s right… we’ll also be in the kitchen… we’re gonna tell you how kitchen, how a night out on the town can go a long wy to help others. >> plus i will be spinning with the m.s. society — >> tell them what to do, gil simmons. >> sit back and relax. you are having lunch with “style.” >>> welcome back everyone. hey, the warm weather is here. >> uh-hmm. yes. >> thank goodness, and hopefully here to stay. how do you get your kids away from the tv. and off thecouch? that is a big ques. >> here to show us how to do that is life-style expert sean mcewen. welcome to the show. >> nic to see you. >> we want stuf to keep them interactive, engaed, healthy is good. >> you have us loaded down. >> we will jump right in. >> let’s dive in. >> i love this. this is called sprout. it i



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