>> hi, everybody, and welcome to “connecticut style.” i’m desiree fontaine, glado have you with us today, it is the start of sandal season, and many times we sacrifice comfort for style. dr. neal zomback is back with shoes that not only look good but feelreat. we’ll tell you all about an event that he will be at, and the peabody museum has an i.d. day, david will be here to show us cool things that people wanted identifd, and we have got public power and utilities, and they are back to tell you how you can save big on the electric and utility bill by making a switch, and let’s take a walk into the kitchen. we have got holly, she’s back with us today. >> right. >> good to see you. >> are you ready for some spring loving? >> i am. >> i always am. >> at least that’s what my husband had hoped for, right? >> right. >> what are we playing today? >> there is good. i’m making a fennel and argula



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