“connecticut style”. i’m desiree fontaine, thanks once again for joining us today. it is a beautiful you day and we will tell you about the hottest make up and hair trends foprom and give you tips and a time line for geting gorgeous for the big night. and anthem blue cross, blue shield are supporting an amazing life changing fitness program for kids founded by a a former marathon winner. we will tell you all about that and how it is never too late to live your dreams. we will tell you about a pageant that shines the spotlight on senior citizens. and welcome back, steven. i always get hugs and i just love it welcome back. >> hanks for having us again. >> tel us what you will be teaching us to make today. >> we will makeart chokes. >> i’m going to leave that to you to pronounce later in the show. you call this the next best thing toeing in sunny florida why? >> i did a segment in the vero



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