hi, everybody, and welcome to “connecticut style,” i’m desiree fontaine, and we are so good that you are joining us today. wel, they are known as the great predators the deep. we’ll met scott tucker who went face-to-face with a new england blue shark, that’s right, and also coming up today, kim bensen, the author of “finally thin” is in our kitchen and teaching us how to make guacamole, that are, and the children and teenagers in foster care deserve to feel the love and security of a family just like other kids do. and well, we’re going to introduce you to “casey family services” and show you how they are working together to connect these kids with moms, dads, and families that really believe in them. so, it’s time to grab your lunch, grab the cool cup of iced tea, sit back and relax, everybody. you are having lunch with style. known as the great predators of the deep, our next guest is



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