“connectic style.” i’m desiree fontaine. thanks for carving out some time in your busy day to have lunch with style. we’ve got a lot of segments geared to help you and i look and feel great. we have fitnes expert tom holland, and he is back and he’s going to show us some ab exercises that he says will have us looking fabulous by summer, and this year, we’re following two people who have started on a weight loss journey with andy roddick and “medical weight loss centers.” today we’ll meet theresa radcliffe and hear about her progress to date, and “caring cuisine” is a program that’s been servicing clients across new haven for some time. and we have with us on the right the tallest guy, the executive director christopher cole. thanks for bei here. >> thanks for having me. >> and chef lou. >> hi. >> welcome. let’s talk about “caring cuisine.” tell us a bit about who you are and who you serv



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