will wear big you put me in >> hi, everybody, and welcome to “connecticut style.” i’m desiree fontaine. and we are glad that you are joing us thistoday. we have celebrity stylist and host of what not to wear, cliff and kelly talks about what to wear and tips on how to dress best for your body, your shape, and your size. and with the changing of the seasons eco-friendly products and the sassy sisters are back, susan and tracy, and they are co-owners of the seafood grill. thanks to coming back. we’r excited to have you here, a little presure, round two, you are making it happen. >>eah. >> so how has business been? >> fabulous, great, we had a great year last year and we made great changes this winter to the bar area of the restaurant,. >> what are you teaching us to ma today? >> we’re going to make our famous lobster popeye. >> very popular. >> very, one of the best dishes. >> all right, a



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