>> hi, everybody. welcome to “connecticut style.” i’m siree fontaine. it’s all about fashion, food and fun today. “knits men want.” that’s the name of bruce wein weinstein’s new book. it has the ten rules that every woman should know. normally you are in the kitchen with mark scarborough. today we are splitting you up. >> no one splits us up. today i’ll talk about knitting with you and let mark talk about cooking. >> you will show us how to knit for men? >> we’ll talk about the tricks and ps for knitting. so men wear what you make and not give it away to the salvation army. >> mark is in the kitchen. what do you have in store? what you areeaching us today? >> i’m making fantastic devilled eggs. this is the best leftover ham recipe that you can imagine? >> the meantime, bruce, you have a funny story about the knitting and devilled eggs, right? >> i will be able to combine them together an



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