>>> hi everybody. welcome to “conecticut style.” i’m desiree fontaine. glad to have you with us. celebrity mom and wife i recently caught up with elizabeth hasselbeck. what it was like cohosting the “thin ice” eating competion at foxwoods mgm grand and what it is like wking with the women at the view. >>> debra queen is in the kitchen. >>> april is national child use prevention and awareness month. if you have the heart to care and determination to make a difference, we will tell you how you can give hope to an abused or neglected child. >>> today we have ith us anna — how are you doing? >> fabulous. >> save the bt for last. >> that’s right. listen to her. i like this girl. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> how do you feel. >> fantastic. dreams coming true here. >> you are not nervous. >> i was made for this. born to be here. >> that is right. i believe in you. >> thank you. >>



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