and we have le hold, and she is teaching us about legumes used in indian cooking asking going to tell us why peas, beans and len tills are keys to a balanced diet, and even when health is cling, 95% of seniors prefer to live on their own, and tel >> we’re going to quiz you and talk at our on the show, are you feeling a little pressure? >> i think i’m ok. >> a right. >> this is a time where i turn the show over to you, and i want you to look into that camera and tell the folks what to do. >> all right. >> there you go. >> sit back and relax, you are having lunch with “style.” >> already, so it’s in the headlines everywhere, cheating men, and we’re not saying that women don’t cheat, but if you look anywhere in the news, on the cover of magazines, and in newspapers, fidelity and marriage is a hard tng to come by these days, and now, according to some statistics, roughly 50% of marri men wil



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