>> hi, everybody, and welcome to “connecticut style,” i’m desiree fontaine. we have got a lot of information that we hope wil empoweyou today. our laughter therapist is with us talking about the true meaning of happiness. he’ll talk about his new book, whotole my soul, a dialogue with the devil on at meaning of life, that’s right, and although it’s the fastest growi violent crime in america, it’s also one of the most underrerted crimes, did you know that one out of every three american women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. well, today we’re going to learn self-defense moves that can get you and i out of a dangerous or life threatening situation, and we’re shifting gears, a nutrition husband and wife team, jim and christine montana are in our kitchen showing us their healthy diet meals, and all week we’ve been featuring the my tv 9 star, top finalists. we have with us fra mena



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