>> hi, everybody, and welcome to “connecticut style,” i’m desiree fontaine. thanks for making us part of your day. we have a lot in store for you on this friday afternoon. and we’re going to meet an amazing woman who taps into her own experiences working in new york public schools, and she wrote and performed in “no child” currently at the “long wharf theater.” this one person-show tackles the topic of failing schools and how committed teachers can make all the difference. and look out, the vibrant color and bold patterns of spring are here, and airble, locally known as a fashion destination on the shoreline is here to showcase the top three popular trends for this season. and it’s a dance-party friday, everybody. we’re featuring west coast bling. it will be lots of fun so get your dancing shoes on and get ready. and of course, we’ve been telling you about this awesome competition that w



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