>> hi, everybody, and welcome to “connecticut style.” i’m desiree fontaine, and happy to have you with us today. on our show, our how to look 10 years younger theme, well, it continues, and yesterday, we focused on hair, and today, we’re going to focus on makeup. well, celebrity makeup artist d. nickel is here with smart makeup tips to create a younger looking you. and we’re going to show you the final results of our dramatic makeovers, also on the show, the mary wade home is geari up for the wine tasting fundraiser, we’ll hear about the senior care facility and the host is thomas matthews. thomas is the executive editor of wine spectator, and that will be lots of fun, and in the kitchen today, everybody, we contue to showcase “men who cook.” that is right, we have got father and son, mike and tim kiley. they are here to share their recipe for their macaroni and cheese, and we have micha



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