“connecticut style.” i’m desiree fontaine. happy to have you with us. we’re a little lunch with style. today we’r going to meet christie carlson romano. she got her break in show business playing an orphan annie and has apeared in roles on broadway and television. did you ever wish that you could look and feel 10 years younger yeah, me, too, don’t worry. well, with the help of cheryl mcmahon fm karma salon we’re turning back the clock for two women and getting tips for having fabulous hair, and we have got more men who can cook. that’s right, we have a new volunteer chef in here to teach us how to make bef rouladen, and over the next nine days, the top tv 9 star finalists will be appearing right here on “connecticut style,” and i am here with contestant numbe two, it is the former misconnecticut, heidi. >> hi. >> so glad to have y here. >> i’m glad to be here. >> and yeah, you lok fabulo



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