hire, everybody, and welcome to “connecticut style,” i’m desiree fontne. happy st. patrick’s day, everybody? ive my beads and i will be donning them in a bit. today we’re making a conscious decision to be happy, and that’s why we brought back a man that knows a thing or two about that subject. he’s the founder of more than 70 happiness clubs around the world. welce back, lionel, great to have you. >> great to be here. >> and you started the clubs a while ago, what prompd you to start happiness clubs? >> i was giving a course on, on happiness at sacred heart universityn 1999, and at the end of that first class, the class said that they learned a lot about happiness, which they were surprised at, and they felt they needed to practice it. and so, they wanted to keep meeting, and i said okay, and we started meeting in january of 2000, in fairfield, and we’ve been meeting since, and we have s



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