>> hi, everybody, and welcome to “connecticut style.” i’m desiree fontaine. glad to have you with us today. anotherwesome show in store for you. we have got “est. est. est.” here. the guys are here and they are if we go to show us how to make a healthy mediterranean sal. and it started out as paul newman’s dream more than 20 years ago to build a refuge where children with serious illnesses with activities like fishing and swimming and horseback riding, well, whitney dole is here to tell us about their amazing facilities, and it’s time to shake what you have got for a good cause. with us today, we have rebecca from the belly dance society. the girls are here and are going to show us how to shake it for a good cause and have fun, so it’s that time again, we want you to sit back and relax. u are getting ready to shake it with style. >> welcome back, everyone. paul newman once said, this i d



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