everybody, and welcome to “connecticut style,” i’m desiree fontaine, glad to have you onboard, once again, and although it’s only been a couple of days since the oscar night, and some of the fabulous red carpet looks, well, they will live on, and we have got hairstylists to the stars, cheryl mcmahon and makeup artist d.d. nickel talking about the hits and misses and we’ll show you hoto have that red carpet style and guess who is back, it is the sensational singing chef neil fuentes will tell us how to have a breakfast party for two, and we have a special guest today, and this is our new friend maxwell, and he’s about two years old and just finished his training as a fidelco guide dog. and ming up next, or alert in the show, we’re going to be talking to his executive director, elliott restman, and he is going to tell us about the trek between a client and man’s best friend. all right, it’



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