>> i think the proper wordis navista. i’m desiree fontaine. thank you for joing us on “connecticut syle”. we will achieve hapiness on our show. learn about anting yoga to help lose stress and achieve a blissful life. join me for that in a little bit. also on the show today, disney’s “beay and the beast” is coming to the waterbury place theater. we will hear all about this timeless love stor, filled with unforgettable characters and dazzling music. and we’re celebrating the biggest movie night o the year. we have style’s entertainment contributor, scott feinberg with oscar picks. and we want you to sit back and relax, get into that people zone, you’ getting ready to have lunch with “style”. >> once broad way’s modern classic love story and it continue toss capture the hearts of the young and the seasoned alike, “beauty and the beast” is coming to the waterbury place theater for five shows



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