welcome to “connecticut style.” i’m desiree fontaine. and don’t go anywhere, everybod we have got a special, special guest waiting in the wings. this is a question, whether your retirement dreams are traveling the country or the world or pursuing a hobby full-time, the one thing that could stop you from ling your dream is having enough money but not to worry, toni is here from “barnum financial group” to talk about all the things that we can all do right now to have more money for later, all right, here he is. look who stopped by to hang out with me today? it’s michael buckley from what the buck. >> thanks for having me, it’s my third time back, i was here and cooking and you came to my house and now third time is a charm. >> and he’s never going to leave. >> oh, my goodness. >> no. >> so guess who is on the show. >> steve. >> very good. >> we. i’ve done my research. >> he’s written this



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