style,” i’m desiree fontaine. we have a lot of fun coming your way. the owner of karl carm is back from new york fashion week and isoing to share with us the most popular hair trends, and a peek at one of the biggest events in the fashion world. and david is back in o kitchen making a ditch to warm you up and fill you up on this cold winter day, and plus, gearing up for the oscars in our own connecticut styl way, we’ll shine the spotlight on project red carpet and some designers creating works of art with these wonderful gowns. that’s all part of the the “ct aids resource coalition.” and later on we’ll tell you about an organization jamming and making money for children with special nee so grab your lunch and sit back and relax, you are having lunch with style. >> hlywood stars get ready to walk the red carpet in style for the 82nd academy awards. we wanted to shine the spotlight some up



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