>> hi, everybody, welcome to “connecticut style.” i’m desiree fontaine. thank you very much for taking some time from your busy day to be with us. an awesome show today. we’ve got jackie miconi. she’s the author o”celebrate, well, she’s back in our kitchen today, and she is going to teach us how to make they are delious penne ala vodka with chicken, and we have the foundaon of great indian films, the songs comment on the-a taking place in a movie, and we’re going to learn about this fun and expressive form of dancing during dance party friday, and we have some guests with us today that are aso going to participate, but wait, there is even more, everyone, if you have ever thght about getting hair extensions, we’ll break it down today with “sista’s salon & spa.” i’m here withnda, the director and isaiah, the cosmetology director at “sista’s salon & spa.” welcome the both of you. >>



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