psychologist dr. susan nolen-hoeksema explains why women are better equipped to cope with stress than men and she sharetips for harnessing the strength whether at home, work or in our communities. and looking for an exciting career in cosmetology but lack the funds to do so? well, fear not, we have got “sista’s salon & spa,” and they are offering a learn to earn prram that can get you on your way to your dream job and now, are you ready? follow me and let’s head into the kitchen. our next guest traveled for four months throughout northern italy visiting 30 farms where the learn authentic recipes by rolling up their sleeves and working alongside the peoe in the beautiful country, and welcome to the show both of you. we have matt and melissa. >> yes. >> welcome to the show, you two. i nailed your last name. >> you nailed it. >> i did a good job if i do say so myself, and tell us about



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