barrett. we’re doing some of her moves from her new workout called fusion flow. ellen says you can keep your new year’s resolution of getting into shape and it doesn’t have to be torture. welcome to the show. >> nice to be here. >> tell us about this workout. why it’s so awesome. >> it burns cories. tones you up but also gets rid of stress, which is really important. >> you’rsaying you don’t need fancy equipment, uh you can just get up off the couch and move. >> you don’t need shoes. >> that’s my kind of workout. we’re going to check out and check back in with our fitness pro. follow me to the kitchen where we’re checking in with the queen. the w have debra queen. welcome. >> so good to be here. >> they cal you the green cuisine queen. why is that? >> i’m an organic personal chef. today i’m making alaskan halibut with mango cherry chutney. >> you can eat healthy and your food can taste a



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