CT Style: “Sunset Picnic”

Desiree Fontaine in the kitchen with Dockside
beautiful sunset…what better way to do that than with thhaour guests–the sassy seafood sisters of branford tracy and susan owners of dockside seafood and grill….they’re here to share another great recipe with us …, ladies welcome to the show! —-set this u p for our viewers–you’re sisters who s manage a restaurant withou rt having too many catfights? many catfights?without having too a restaurant sistea rs who manage a restaurant without having too many catfights?-o –how long have you owned dockside id seafood and ill?making today? ááwhat is orecchiette atwith or lobster—what are some of– the ingredients you need to make this?—-you have a beautiful location…a great place to dine outdoors and relax?—-is this one of your hi relax?outdoors and place to o dine location…a great gr beautiful need to make this? the ingredients you —what are some of lobsterorecchiette wi



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