CT Style: “My Daughter, The Bride” Cookbook

Desiree and Sonia are in the kitchen with the author of “My Daughter, the Bride” cookbook
oft “my da”ughter theugr bride” cokbook is bacik. how is your bok doing? >> it is>> doing very good. >> you put it together for your daughter who was getting married. >> i combined all the family recipes, friends wanted to put their recipes inth and ies had it published. >> and we are making one of those rthecipes, two of those recipes. >> two of them. th m. >> what are whae making? >> this i got frogm a riend a long, long time ago so this is millie’s chili. it is great in the fall inbecause if you have campfires outside or anything it warms you up. very easy to m ake, aonly five ingredients. plus, we will make the cheese and ham dip which has been in my family foreverf and always passed down in the generations so it is very good and that one only has four ingredients.r can’t mess it up.n’ >> i love it, keep it simple. dive in. di >> we have a pe oun ad ofo hamburger we’re browninge and



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