CT Style: “My City Kitchen”

CT Style’s Desiree Fontaine cooks with Kashia Cave from My City Kitchen
but some people were able to spice things up with a cooking camp for kids, aimed to help them learn to cook and eat more healthy. the founder and chef and her sous c hef, w,elcome to the show. great to have yoeu. now, let’s set all this up because thisbe is a p iretty interesting program that you’ve launched. my city kitychen. how did you come up u with u it? >> the name came up because i wanted to get back to basic cooking in the kitchen, geting the kids involved with basic family values, setting the table, getting involved. i wanted to name it my city kitchen because i wanted the kids to identify it is about me, my city, my kitchen, myc community and what thwey’ret doing in the city. >> let’s talk about what we’ree making today. y. do you want to tell us what we’re makin g. do you know? >> a vegetable lasagna. >> you are like her sous chef, right? >> yes. >> how old are you? >> 13. >>



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